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Get Shauna’s 5 Favorite Tools: speed up videos, once-and-done backup protection, tame your inbox, control passwords, and document like a pro. “I ALWAYS load these when I buy a new computer!”  ~ Shauna

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Safe Easy Way to Protect From Data Loss

I used to try to remember to do backups, but  who has the time? It was the least likely to […]

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Fast Easy Way To Take Control Of Your Inbox

Are you drowning in email? I had been setting up some filters to make sure I always saw the important […]

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When Words Aren’t Enough: 15+ Ways to Look Good

Do you want to look like a pro in all your written documents?Snagit screen capture is my secret weapon. It […]

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3 Ways to Shred a Should

How much of your life is driven by the word “should”? You should this; you should that. Some Shoulds are […]

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About Shauna

I have a passion for the success of small business – we are changing the world! As a small business owner, I know what it's like to be overwhelmed with all there is to do.
  • I've experienced the struggle of building a new business while I continue to work in a “day job” (in my case, full time multi-year contracts with Fortune 100+ companies).
  • I've felt the pain of a tax audit (and started reading parts of the tax code as a result).
  • I have dealt with the hassle of finding a good service provider to take care of occasional or repetitive tasks (providers like a local or virtual assistant, web person, bookkeeper, etc.)... and designed a system that makes it easie... [read more]

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